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Empowering entrepreneurs through continued innovation, thoughtful technology transformations and digital experiences.

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Why you need Triact

There are endless possibilities. Triact is here to help you stay relevant, sustainable and empower you to grow your company through smart, cutting-edge technology.

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What We Offer

We build and support a wide range of services to startups, and established small and medium sized businesses, as follows:

Strategy & Idea Formation

We help business leaders visualize and draft their digital strategy that supports their business strategy.

UX/UI & Design

We design optimum user interfaces and experiences for digital solutions.

Innovation & Prototyping

We help entrepreneurs bring their innovative idea to reality through the build of a MVP or initial prototype.

Application & Software Development

We build reliable, innovative, and interactive custom software solutions for all industries.

Technology Integration

We help businesses connect existing technologies and complex processes to improve team productivity and efficiency.

Data & Analytics

We provide advanced reporting with strong data based on the performance of a company’s technology so business leaders can make the most informed decisions.

On-going Maintenance & Support

We support ongoing technology needs, enhancements and maintenance to ensure uninterrupted “business as usual”.

Connect With Us

Contact us for a complimentary technology consultation and learn how Triact can help your business.


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada